Garrett David - Ebb Vibe

Garrett David - Ebb Vibe

Distant Hawaii

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12" Vinyl

Garrett David returns to Distant Hawaii with ‘Ebb Vibe’ a five track EP of beach bronzed cinematic house, delivered in his trademark unhurried style.

We kick off with the EP’s soaring, blissful and chirping title track, quickly setting the scene in an almost Lynchian manner. A smoke filled hotel lobby bustling with ghosts of the past and soundtracked by a wistful, swaying piano.

‘Vermillion’ and ‘Down Around’ quickly pick up the mood, shifting the mood into a for flavoursome gear as the sonics twist inside out. Bumpin’ house sounds that spiral into the afternoon sky, tightly knit together by deft drum programming and deep-seated percussion.

The B-side lulls to a start with ‘Stewing’, a chugging ambient number with more than a nod to the streets of Chicago and Detroit and the raw house sounds that echo through them. Glimpses of light appear through heavy smoke, a lone street wanderer calls aloud.

Closing out the release is ‘Simple In Spring’, an ever evolving and flamboyant house affair that plunges the mind and body directly into 6am territory. A spectrum of steady drum flecks and patters, a kaleidoscopic synth smattering and a splash of the good stuff.

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