Moving Still - With Oud

Moving Still - With Oud

The Nail Shop

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The Nail Shop is delighted to present their next new signing, Moving Still (aka Jamal Sulaimani), a Dublin based artist from Saudi who debuts on the label with “With Oud.”

An EP of Oud scented Middle Eastern grooves, it kicks off with “Al Disco Haram,” floating a mizmar top line over a 303 bassline, and needless to say, there aren’t too many tracks like this kicking about. Moving into slightly darker territory is “3awiz Tramadol,” rolling out an Ouddy groove built to move! The B-side eases in with the soulful sounds of “Wanneet,” (one for the Habibis and Habibtis), before the EP draws to a weightless close with emotionally tinged title track, “With Oud.”