Rudolf C - Gamma! EP

Craigie Knowes


12" EP

Salt Mines / Life Sciences Division label-head Rudolf C joins us for both our first EPs of the year. "Gamma!" hits hard across 4-tracks spanning techy-acid, futuristic garage, and peak-time rollers. This is the first coming together of label and artist in the form of an EP - following on from Rudolf C's stellar contribution to our latest release in the War Child Fundraiser VA series.

The release of "Gamma!" falls hand-in-hand with the rebirth of Craigie Knowes' in 2021 which sees our imprint leave Glasgow and return to our hometown of Perth, the opening of our new studio / label-hub and a move to self-distribution, operating primarily from Bandcamp for the first time since our label launched back in 2015. Thank you so much for your support, your help has made this transition possible! <3