Jonas Friedlich - Gizzea

Jonas Friedlich - Gizzea

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Jonas Friedlich is an artist and dj from munich who was making waves with his productions for Molten Moods, DVS1’s Mistress Recordings or Asok’s Four Triangles Imprint. While he hides his addiction to experimental music at no point, his tracks still manage to find their spot in clubs all over the globe. He is part of the band project Carl Gari (The Trilogy Tapes, Whities), which might be one of the most interesting live-acts to date, spanning the gap between electronic ambient, drone and even arab spoken word music in their collaboration with sufi artist Abdullah Miniawy. In almost 10 years of club-residencies Friedlich developed his eclectic style of slick dj-mixing between techno, break-beat, d&b and everything else that satisfies his innovation and creativity approach to music.

The first track 'Principal Thing' is a dirty jungle-acid jam with a haunting vocal sample reviving one of the biggest dub-poets ever who was shot 36 years ago. Title track 'Gizzea' continues the record with banging broken kicks and percussion getting out of hand with rough noise excursions. 'Pow' completes the a-side with a simple but functional idea of messing around with a D&B break at 103bpm creating a heavy hip-hop vibe. The flip side starts out with 'No Delivery', a bass-heavy electro tool blended with tribal percussions before 'RioRio' confuses with jammy synth weirdness and trippy vocals while bouncing on some sort of latino acid rhythm. Last track 'Pyra' starts in a laid-back mood reminding of some old dub-techno styles but evolving into a playful drum-jam full of smokey spring reverb and tape saturation to round off a diverse 6-track mini album.