X-Coast - Move EP

X-Coast - Move EP

Riviera Records

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Riviera Records is a brand new label that kicks off with ‘Move’ - a statement of intent from founder X-Coast.

Continuing to perform across the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, X-Coast is an unconventional character and little is known about the mysterious Serbian other than the concept for the alias is that it exists “somewhere in the deep blue Caribbean Sea, between your imagination and what’s real.”

Having released on labels like Hot Haus, Lost Palms and Steel City Dance Discs, X-Coast now launches Riviera Records with a promise to be an “uncompromising clash of sounds” and the label stays true to that from the get-go.

There is no mucking about here as X-Coasts demonstrates his versatility as a producer with three varying mixes of ‘Move’ making up the bulk of the package. First up is the Trans Mix: an arms-in-the-air, throwback trance track with euphoric vocal stabs all primed to inject real energy into any set. House Mix then bounces and bumps with a refracted garage vox and endless old school dynamism, before the twisting and turning Breaks Mix follows with its thumping drums, hits and rattling dub sounds that all explode to life.

Finally, ‘Naos’ totally flips the script with a slow, deep, cosmic workout build on a rugged bassline. A breathy voice, warm chords and balmy pads all wash over you like a Balearic breeze and take you to hedonistic dance floor somewhere in 80s Ibiza.