Paul & Shark, Maruwa, Stones Taro - FREETIME 004

Paul & Shark, Maruwa, Stones Taro - FREETIME 004

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12" EP

FREETIME004 - 12". We went a bit ravey with this one, and that's a good thing. Breakbeat heavy tune ’T-800 Type Beat’ serves as the power tune in the release through it’s percussive breakbeat, nostalgia inducing synths and an infectious bassline driving up the energy levels alongside sampled vocal chops St. Petersburg native (and Lobster Theremin & Steel City Dance Discs mainstay) Maruwa provides an amazing 90’s trance influenced remix to the 12”. Having just remixed Skream (omg), her style is exactly what we dig. In this remix jacking drums and classic synth chords form a solid foundation on top of a gritty acid bassline Different one is ‘Takedown Request Edit’, which stands out as the deepest track on the release, keeping things eccentric in terms of the rhythm section while bringing in spacey pads to close out the record on a high note. ‘Roxanna_Break_Stuff’ incorporates memories of acid bright neons, the ubiquitous smileys, baggy trousers and bucket hats. Pumping drums, funky synth work and a standout vocal edit makes this one a unique and catchy piece of rave music culture. ‘Roxanna_Break_Stuff comes accompanied with a remix by Japan’s rising UK garage producer Stones Taro, who's been featured lately in several places with his on target vinyl releases and precise DJ mixes.