Nite Fleit ‎– Overcast

Nite Fleit ‎– Overcast

Planet Euphorique


12" EP

Australian-in-London Nite Fleit is a producer we'll undoubtedly be hearing more of this year. Here she delivers her second solo salvo (her debut appeared on Steel City Dance Discs last year), serving up club-ready workouts rich in psychedelic electronics, ragged acid lines, industrial-strength basslines and crunchy analogue drums. Rhythmically, most of the tracks stick close to the electro template, but it's the wild, angular and mind-altering nature of the riffs and melodies she places atop that set the pulse racing. Yet while there's plenty of excitement amongst the club-rockers on show - "Borderline" and "Thar Bye Bye" in particular - it's the deep and melancholic flex of the more introspective "Reply All" that most impresses.

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