Matador - Cyclone Series Vol.1

Matador - Cyclone Series Vol.1

White Label

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12" EP

Expected Thursday 15th August 2019

Matador debuts his eagerly awaitedvinyl-only Cyclone Series with three-tracker ‘Come With Me’.
Amidst a creative explosion of new ventures cutting across genres and forms,Gavin Lynch aka Matador releases the Cyclone Series at hurricane force. All three tracks are fast and furious, power-packed and compelling. Aptly for anoted tech-maestro, even the visual impact of the waveforms has an intriguing architecture. Detail has gone into every aspect of this release and new series, as Matador goes back to his roots, paying homage to the nascent years of his career, crate digging in Dublin’s record stores.
‘Come With Me’ builds and disperses,creating an increasing tension while the fast pace and percussive beats keep up the pressure. Hi hats and distorted chords back an offset beat, with rising sirens in the breakdowns. Each build is marked by a sudden pause and a vocal of the title, with complex percussion, twangy notes, rattling beats, and fast sharp riffs.
'Connected’ also goes for a triple whammy of builds, this time with anincreasingly echoing cool, deep bass vocal riff behind assertive hi hats, hissing cymbals and clapping beats, taking off in a superfast joyride of percussion and pizzicato.
In ‘Fidgit’ a loose elasticated bass backs a metronome ticking beat before the full percussion blasts in, to take us on a switchback journey of sharp, low reverberating bass riffs, the breakdowns bringing high melodic tunes, morse-like notes, and imperious builds to further heights.
With a whole new live show in development, and his first ambient album imminent, together with his RUKUS imprint keeping the talent flowing, this year sees Matador embrace each new avenue of creativity.