Benjamin Philippe Zulauf - dɒgid Part I

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf - dɒgid Part I

Hummingbird by BPZ



Label head Benjamin Philippe Zulauf presents his first album dɒɡɪd, which will be an LP split into three separate EPs. The music provided is a clear display of the depth in his sound and the years spent working and exploring his craft. Exploring deep, rich atmospherics with emotive intensity and raw, subtle synth frequencies. 
Sweeping you into a dream like state of mind is ‘Call of the North’ mysterious whirs linger throughout the track with a tight steady kick to keep you on the ground, a fitting opening track of the split LP. ‘A Degree of Disorder’ is a killer ambient dub track, clinical hi hats and mesmerizing synths, a pleasant listen of the highest order. Taking you deeper is ‘Lone Wolf’ a wholesome experience from start to finish, space like connotations and emotive keys carry the record in to darker atmospheres.
A spectrum of sounds touching on ambient electronica along with techno, deep house and broken beat. These three EPs will encompass over a years worth of studio work, culmination in the best pieces to date from this producer.

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