Black Patterns - Black Patterns Vol. 1

Black Patterns - Black Patterns Vol. 1

Lobster Theremin


12" Vinyl

Dark and raw techno/electro screen-printed LP from Black Patterns aka Snow Bone.

Black Patterns Vol. 1 is the full-length album release by Lobster Theremin regular Snow Bone, revealing a more spectrally destructive and experimental side through his Black Patterns moniker.

The LP is a depositary for plaque-coated material culled from a series of experiments with his own ‘Oblique Strategies’ style limitations or ‘tasks’. This conceptually translates into eight raw-to-the-bone styles of techno, house, noise and electro, segueing through layers of blown-out sounds and scattered intricacies along the way. Eight tracks on a single slab of wax, packed in a hand screen printed sleeve.

Please note this product does not come with a free download. If you wish to purchase the version with download included please go to the Lobster Theremin Bandcamp.