Chalke - The Resurrection EP

Chalke - The Resurrection EP

Vinyl fanatiks




Chalke Lom is an enigma. A talented Watford Enigma. Growing up within the London rave scene alongside LTJ Bukem, MCing for Bukem as he was rising up through the ranks and making a name for himself on the circuit. He was also the guy who first pushed LTJ Bukem onto the decks, so we have him to thank for giving Bukem the encouragement to get out there and tear it up all those years ago! But alongside Chalke's MCing forays at the weekends, he was also whizzkid in the studio. And his nights out with Bukem helped him get a grasp on the jungle scene and what was working in the clubs.

So, in 1992 whilst living in Tottenham, him and his best pal Longers came back from a Dreamscape rave fully 'beaned up' on the quality ecstasy that was in the clubs at that time. And being 'proper on one' Chalke got into the studio, while Longers carried on the party vibes by being the 'cocktail maker' for that studio session as it rolled into Saturday daytime and into the following night. The outcome of that long drug-fuelled session was the classic jungle banger that is 'The Resurrection'.

25 years later and we bring to you a repress of this legendary 12" that was released on Chalke's Force Of Nature label back in 1993. With the original hitting prices between £130 - £220, and over 300 people wanting this record on Discogs, Chalke contacted me keen to get the record reissued after seeing the success of my last release, The Mad Dog EP. With the tunes professionally remastered, its with great pleasure that I offer to you the 25 Year Anniversary Repress of this awesome slab of jungle history on Vinyl Fanatiks - my vinyl repress label. This repress will be a limited run of 300. I may repress it again in the future but if so, the artwork on the labels will be different.