Clavis - Rocket Dial EP

Clavis - Rocket Dial EP

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The three energetic synth disco tunes from Clavis’ Rocket Dial EP emerged from more or less spontaneous live jams with some vintage hardware, such as Roland TR-808 and SH-09 spiced up with modern drums and guitar overdubs. Miami Vice is calling...

Clavis is the formidable production duo of Manuel Tur and Adrian Hoffmann (a.k.a. Urban Absolutes). Having been friends since high school, it still took another decade after graduation until they released their first joint EP on Freerange Records in 2015. Since then the duo has steadily built up a discography based on a "one EP a year" principle and selected remixes for artists like Ane Brun or Andhim. Besides Clavis, they are also involved in the production of several other projects, such as Amberoom, which recently caused quite a stir with remixes by Dixon and Isolée. Clavis live and work in Essen, Germany.