Data Room - Data Room EP

Data Room - Data Room EP

Ecke Records

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12" EP

"For ECK003 we celebrate Data Room's debut release on Planet Earth.

This EP sees a future-thinking take on the beloved Junglist movement of the past 30 years.

Data Room delivers 3 tracks of different pace & style, centred around the aforementioned influence. Class, sophistication & bass weight can be expected from this 12".

Accompanying DR on the A-side is V Recordings’ Jumpin Jack Frost, one of the original pioneers of jungle/drum & bass. Born & raised in London, growing up in the heyday of rare groove, acid house, hardcore & jungle, JJF brings a fast paced 4/4 driven breakbeat track that delivers the goods 20 beats per minute either side of it’s original 158 tempo mark - taking the A2 spot to perfectly adrenalize this release."

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