DJ Different - Wilcoxia Poselgeri

DJ Different - Wilcoxia Poselgeri

Cactus Traxx

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12" EP

Wilcoxia poselgeri can be found primarily in South and West
Texas, as well as the adjoining Mexican state of Coahulia.
Sometimes referred to as the “Lead Pencil Cactus” or “Dahlia
Hedgehog Cactus” due to its slender stems and tuberous
Dahlia-like root system, Wilcoxia poselgeri grows in the sandy
soils of hills and valleys on either side of the Rio Grande. When
in bloom Wilcoxia poselgeri produces large, moderately
fragrant pink flowers that open during the day and close at
night. Initially erect, Wilcoxia poselgeri gradually begins
sprawling amongst its surroundings as it matures to support
the growing weight of new stems. Regarded as a slow-growing
yet uniquely beautiful specimen, Wilcoxia poselgeri’s relative
ease of cultivation makes it a remarkable addition to any
collection. Our botanists strive to source and produce highquality specimens to enrich your mind as well as your ears.
After many months in the field our team has returned with a
diverse selection of sonic seedlings. Following a series of
meticulous experiments in our research facility each seedling
has been deemed safe for general propagation and cleared for

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