Escaflowne - Emulations

Fixed Rhythms


12" EP

Escaflowne has proven over the past few years just how versatile of a producer he is. Whether that’s on the Haus of Altr HOA010 compilation, his Sorry Records EP "The Stimulus Pack" (including a fire Huey Mnemonic remix) or in his all-killer-no-filler, self-released Bandcamp catalogue. A real master at work here, and we’re beyond excited to announce his vinyl debut. “Emulations” stands as a testimony to his studied versatility of style. The A-side showcases two cuts of tough, polyrhythmic dancefloor heat with occasional lush pads and synth layering. The B-side veers towards sleek electro with an almost cosmic touch. This is dance music for the future. You ready for it? Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl. Written, produced, and mixed by Escaflowne. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann. Design by Nick Owen.