Grumptronix - Nightmoves #2

Grumptronix - Nightmoves #2

Wormhole Wisdom

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The second record in the three-part Grumptronix series contains 2 highly-sought-after electro tracks, 'Black Orchid' & 'Pocket Rocket', produced in 1996 as the only release on the Erotic City sub-label, Silicon Audio. The precision-engineered machine funk rhythms have since become one of the 'holy-grail' electro records that have evaded collectors without the financial-clout to bow to sharks. Both reissue tracks are drum machine-driven with their sights set on the horizon of electro and sound design and still sound as relevant today as they were breath-taking in the mid-'90s. The B-side offers two previously unreleased and unheard tracks produced around the same time - lost in time until recently re-discovered on aging DATs. 'Subfactor' moves and sways behind galactic pads and electronic rhythms while 'Dub Sea' transports the listener to the depths of an icy ocean, filled with low frequencies, that is most definitely located outside of our solar system. All tracks have been mastered from the original DATs with care and love by the ears and hands of Simon @ The Exchange.