Jonahlo - Spaced Out

Jonahlo - Spaced Out

Night Young



The fifth release from the Miami-based label, Night Young, is the first full EP from Jonahlo. The 12 inch, titled Spaced Out, is a great leap forward for Jonahlo who has contributed excellent tracks to two Nómada White EPs over the past two years. Here he presents a fully developed sound across both sides of the album. Deep and grooving, the EP is full of carefully built textures and feeling. With an incredible knack for ear worm melodies and a meticulous approach to selecting samples, Jonahlo crafts a world all his own that's full of energy, depth, movement, and fun. This release is just a suited for the dance floor as it is for a sunset drive to nowhere in particular. It's something to get lost in. Something to get you spaced out.

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