Krypton 81 - Alphazero

Krypton 81 - Alphazero

X0X Records


12" EP 

Danish electro duo Krypton 81 delivers their debut EP on legendary Finnish X0X Records. AlphaZero EP introduces five tracks + a remix by Morphology. Musically you can describe these tracks as minimalistic, scientific & funky electro with great vocals/vocoders. There is also strong reference points to Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Arpanet and others like, but still Krypton 81 manages to bring up something fresh instead of boring pastiches. Finnish duo Morphology is on a remix duty with track "A.I. Corporation". Their treatment of the original track turns it into bass heavy electro, or one might even describe it as breakbeat if you like. 

** EXPECTED FEB 2020 ** 

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