Logic - Blues for you

Logic - Blues for you

Strictly Rhythm



 Logic's 'Blues for you' is a stone cold underground classic. Period. 1994 NYC soulful house groove all up in your area. This is it. The real thing. Wayne Gardiner is a definite unsung hero of dance music, the majority of his productions leaving dancers and DJ's salivating and dancing non-stop. Across 4 different mixes Gardiner shows up the deadly art of simplicity, making all of the versions contained within essentials. Absolutely banging from start to finish. The vocal versions are soaring, the dubs are absolutely tearing, setting dancefloors alight from the Shelter to Club Coliseum. Another Strictly anthem right here, given some tasty 2019 remastering treatment and repressed onto a high quality, weighty 12" for all you record lovers out there, this one will keep them moving in the mix. Perfect NYC sounds here, untouched and represented in it's original 1993 form with original Strictly label artwork, you need this!

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