Lukas Lehmann - This Is Why EP

Lukas Lehmann - This Is Why EP



12" Vinyl

With Lukas Lehmann, a new face joins the footjob-squad. Out of his estimated 7.436 unfinished projects, he managed to complete three tracks, bag a remix and bundle it all up to what will hit the stores as 'This Is Why' EP. The A-Side kicks off with the discoish banger 'Q&H' and a beautiful synth-heavy remix by Lorenz Rhode - not only famous for his releases on Compost Records or Exploited but also for taking Detroit-Swindle-Liveshows to another level with his godlike keys-skills. The deeper side of Lukas' sound is represented on the B-Side. Starting with edgy piano chords, 'Solid/Fragile (Coexistence)' introduces an enchanting arpeggio midway through the track. With its distinctive strings, 'Nothing But A Heartache' makes for a semi-sentimental yet still hips-moving finisher.

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