Lukid - Drip

Lukid - Drip



12" EP 


Next up in Warp's sub-label Arcola series, is an EP from Glum Records boss Lukid. The producer’s first material to emerge since 2017’s Twisted Blood, Drip sees the one born Luke Blair turn in another set of strange and unique club tracks that draws on grime, techno, tape electronics and UK bass without ever really sounding like any of them.

Drip’s title cut sets the tone for the rest of the record. With its pretty dollops of synth, pitter-patter beat and grainy mix, this is a track that would slot seamlessly into Actress’ AZD LP. That record, a series of futuro-punk vignettes, feels like a companion piece to Drip - particularly AZD’s more lo-fi entries like ‘Runner’. Zomby’s bassweight nihilism is another touchstone, and some of Bullion’s work shares a similarly dry wit with this record.

As is often the case with Lukid’s work, there is also more than a touch of Hype Williams to these tracks - particularly in the way that slightly awkward sounds or melodies will suddenly come to the front of the mix to shift your attention mid-track. Blair’s music has a similar vibe to Blunt and Copeland, something hinted at by hazed track titles like ‘Conked Out’.

Lukid’s Drip is a curious EP that creates a very specific feel - one that’s not exactly comfortable but still weirdly addictive.

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