Ma Sha Ru - Zer0

Ma Sha Ru - Zer0

Kindergarten Records


12" EP

Ma Sha Ru announce the launch of Kindergarten Records with their second EP, Zer0: a chaotic blend of club-ready electro, broken UK bass and gnarled techno. Respectively based in New York and Berlin, their music is born of the intense bursts of time this transatlantic couple spend together. Recorded in summer 2019, Zer0 finds producers Ma Sha and Rù delving deeper into the dark and trippy impulses hinted at with their debut. Opener Slew is a bubbling cauldron of UK bass rhythms and agitational tension, while the title track Zer0 builds it’s ominous electro around a vocal sample of robot struggling with a mathematical quandary, ghosts rattling in the machine. Things get eerier still on the flip, It’s a Forest Rave paying homage to a journey deep into the woodland near Vilnius in Lithuania, menace dripping from branches as pounding, gabber-indebted kicks propel dubby keys and a distorted video game lead. Showers rounds off the record with their most experimental effort to date, a broken 140bpm stepper that stumbles and stomps around its delicate, icy core.

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