Marcello Napoletano - Out The Flat

Marcello Napoletano - Out The Flat

Out The FLat



The Italian hardware wizard debuts on OTF with a signature dose of off-kilter dance magic:

‘Boe Cunt’ breaks into the A-side with a wrecking ball of hoofin’ acid house – blazing a trail of broken windows and burst pipes, naked bulbs and blinking lights.

‘Steps’ trips the switch for a darkroom jam. Searching bass scans over machine-gun claps and coded rim taps, fingering the night for a light.

‘Tregua’ kicks off the B-side with head-nodding swagger. Funky bass stabs steer a sunset cruise through city streets, before shifting gears into percussive overdrive.

‘Resa’ waits at the finish line. Knackered steam-phunk chugs to an orchestrated tangle of grinding gears, loose screws, and strangled radio chatter.

Limited to 300 copies. Art by Rafael Farias. Mastered by Keith Tenniswood.