Metro Zee - Metro Zee EP

Metro Zee - Metro Zee EP

Ritual Poison


12" EP

Shape-shifting South Londoner Metro Zee (C. Morris) arrives on Ritual Poison with a six-track EP that transports the label far into the outer reaches.

Having previously released on respected imprint World Unknown as Mo Reece and remixed Detroit house royalty Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark under his Peter Rocket moniker, his eponymous full debut EP as Metro Zee journeys down a distant wormhole and emerges into a cloud of skittering beats, melodic nebula and dense cosmic energy.

Written in a windowless studio in Bermondsey during a year of self-imposed isolation after stopping drinking and taking drugs, it’s a record swirling with emotion and intricate programming, and, he says, is “entirely constructed out of a single field recording of a slowly pickling radish that I stole from my neighbour's allotment.”

The vulnerable melancholy of ‘Barbd’ bleeds into the bittersweet junglist strut of ‘Carer’ (which comes with a symbolic computer-animated video by director Felix Villiers), ‘Battered Mazda’ exploding into a metallic whirl of 170BPM release. ‘Cetacea’ wears the optimistic bop of tomorrow’s eternal hope before stirring sinister streams of the sub-consciousness, ‘Turtle GoPro’ is a blissful glimpse into the deep, sub-aquatic world of a technologically-astute testudine and ‘Manningtree Freeze’ fades out to eternity in a shoegazery haze.

Welcome to Metro Zee’s universe. This is home now.