Midland - The Alchemy of Circumstance EP

Midland - The Alchemy of Circumstance EP


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Boasting a suitably psychedelic cover and locked grooves at the end of each side, Midland's first single for three years is an undeniably mind-altering and - by his previous standards - admirably experimental affair. It sounds like it was inspired by a combination of old Radiophonic Workshop combinations, cutting-edge modular techno and the kind of melodic, analogue synthesizer-driven outings that have become the hallmark of Hans-Peter Lindstrom. Perhaps the most obviously club-ready cuts are the arpeggio-fired melodious techno trip "Play It As It Lays" and the metallic, off-kilter modular clank of opener "The Alchemy of Circumstance". That said, the EP's other two cuts - more experimental compositions with less dancefloor intent - are just as impressive.

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