Never On Sunday - The Bearer feat. Karina Mia (Skream, P41 and Octave One Remixes)

Never On Sunday - The Bearer feat. Karina Mia (Skream, P41 and Octave One Remixes)

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Octave One's deep and downtempo 90s project Never on Sunday will be back later this year with another EP. Before that, they tease with a lead single that comes with remixes from Skream, P41 and the legendary Detroit brothers themselves.

Though best known for their electrifying live shows and stadium-sized techno productions as Octave One, the Burden brothers also started the electronic band Never On Sunday back in 1991. It saw them put out one solo EP, and one with MK, before the success of the Octave One project took over. Aside from an experimental audiovisual live show in Rome in 2018, it has laid dormant... until now. During the pandemic and no doubt inspired by more time at home and away from the energy of the dance floor, the brothers have cooked up a wealth of deep and thoughtful new material that is rich in detail and atmosphere, as this new single proves.

The Bearer (Original Instrumental) is still defined by scintillating angle sounds, from the meandering synths to the crunchy broken beats, but the tempo is slowed so you have more time to gaze at the cosmic pads and sink deep into the otherworldly sonic landscapes. First to remix is party-starting UK DJ and multi-faceted producer Skream. He lays down rock solid kicks with rib-rattling bass rumbles that make for an incendiary techno track. Add in the spine-tinglingly chilly vocal performance from Karina Mia, and you have a track designed to make a huge impact in even the largest of warehouses.

Next up is P41, the Italian electronic-engineer who worked with Francesco Tristano on his famed live shows and has himself played everywhere from Off Sonar to Studio 80 in Amsterdam. His remix is hugely emotive, with chunky drums laced with subtle melodic bleeps and a futuristic atmosphere that will hypnotize all who hear it. Finally, the Octave One remix is six minutes of perfectly well-swung deepness. The hits are dry, the vocal becomes more warm and soulful and the mid-tempo groove is irresistible.

This is a superb new EP that re-introduces the Never on Sunday in fine style.