Niagara - Salmo/São a fonte da sua própria luz

Niagara - Salmo/São a fonte da sua própria luz



12" EP

NIAGARA back on Ascender with two tracks. On the A side a long & slow developing piece. On the flip side: nothing but drums. Salmo/São a fonte da sua própria luz comprises two tracks exploring similar ideas through very different means. Salmo consists in two voices together for a stretch of time, trying to avoid any kind of mannerism, ambient or other. Moving quite a bit, but not too much though, it quickly becomes clear that Salmo somehow references its own technical support, even though it does so through the mention of its faults and fancies.


On the flip side, São a fonte da sua própria luz, shines in a very different but not unrelated light. With the exception of an insisting kick drum, nothing ever repeats. A drum solo that comes and goes with little concern for composition. Any detail in it is most likely accidental.

Limited to 200 copies, clear vinyl, mastered by Matt Colton. Covers individually silkscreened by Portuguese artist João Alves.

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