Noise Factory - Vintage Vol #4

Noise Factory - Vintage Vol #4

3rd Party Records



This EP produced by Noise Factory in 1993 expresses the full on depths of Junglistic Hardcore at its best and was driven by the rare groove of the sample patterns we like to call it of jungle with a groove.

A.Come Inside - This track produced in 1993 is full on unadulterated jungle with the obvious amen break n rare groove n sample to add a twist along with strong basslines to shake up da place.

AA.Out of Your Mind - This track produced in 1993 has a dominant 4/4 beat driven by strong amen pattern with the speeded up vocals

AAA.Feel The Magic - Produced in 1993 has strong horns n speeded up live vocals with Rare Groove, Hardcore, Jungle Techno feel.

Driven by the heavyweight Rare Groove basslines.

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