Pagan - Butterfly

Pagan - Butterfly


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12" EP


Pagan has been quietly building repute as one of Ireland and the UK’s most exciting up and comers, building a sonic palette that weaves in and out of trance-like euphoria, gun finger breaks and vibrant techno; tied together with an overwhelming sense of largeness.

With recent plaudit pick-ups from some of the UK’s most exciting underground artists (Breaka, Denham Audio, DJ Boring, X-Coast) for his high-energy blend of low ceiling, low lighting world building, Pagan readies the release of the inaugural EP on Cheeky Music Group sub-label RRRAAAVVVEEE.

‘Butterfly’ kicks things off with a cut of introspective breaks; tranced-out melodies creating a sense of hair-raising emotion and vastness - a perfect peak-timer for those little personal moments of awe on the dance floor. ‘Ways You Went’ is a 50/50 blend of hard dance and classic trance: pounding rhythms and fun melodies scoring the silliness, before having to wipe your cut knuckles clean from punching the roof too hard.

‘The Depot’ brings back memories of Irish heads in packed-out basements; that sense of largeness steadily building amongst inspired energy, trance-techno and unapologetic UK bassline, before ‘Dreams of You’ casts a grey cloud speckled with dying sunlight into the frame with its ambient techno aesthetic and thoughtful emotion.