Following her appearance on last year’s PAL compilation as part of the duo Plush Throw, Regularfantasy returns to Pear with the triumphant Anyways… a rip-roaring, joyous dance record featuring collaborations with D. Futers & D. Tiffany.

Party Girl Theme… A bump’n’grind house anthem that more or less defined Pear parties this year. Gracious, ravey fun... and then the piano kicks in. Woof woof.

MSN (with D. Futers)... Futers & Regfant collide for a balmy, breaksy trip through awkward conversation mantras and transportative sounds. Wanna hang?

Plushied (Plush Management's Mix)... Vintage house moves with a canny pop edge. D. Tiff & Regfant pair soaring vocals, guitars and hazy pads together to create a swooning, indie dream.

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