Rog’E Featuring Tanya Stevens - Body Fidelity

Rog’E Featuring Tanya Stevens - Body Fidelity




The second release on CWPT marks the label’s debut reissue, delving into the most propulsive corner of label-founder Palms Trax’s collection in order to deliver a rare and foundational record from Chicago house music history.

Recorded in 1987, Rog’e’s ‘Body Fidelity’ would have surely ticked all of Ron Hardy’s boxes and then jacked them right back out again. The alias of proto-house hero Reginald Rodgers collaborating with vocalist Tanya Stevens, ‘Body Fidelity’ is at once sensual, playful and commanding, the scent of freedom, sexuality and new musical horizons potent across each of the four distinct cuts.

The ‘Radio Mix’ offers the most upfront blend, a full-bodied mix that once filled the local Chicago airwaves with Stevens’ permissive and persuasive performance. Elsewhere, Rog’e breaks the track down to its core elements for alternate DJ sensibilities. His ‘Percussapella’ mix is a raw, rhythmic trip that erupts with acidic licks, whereas the ‘House Club’ mix is pure dancefloor pleasure sculpted in what would soon become the classic mold. Finally, analog freaks and the sleaze-adjacent will find the most allure in the instrumental ‘Bass-Ment’ mix.