Soufflé Caramel - Club de Jazz

Aurore 404


12" EP

Aurore 404 is welcoming French artist Soufflé Caramel for an EP of jazzy house music cooked during lockdown. The EP “Club de Jazz“ has been composed with his drum machines, synths, and the help of musician friends (pianist, saxophonist, trumpetist), whose performances are heard all throughout the EP. Through his music, Soufflé Caramel is taking us to a New York jazz club in the mid 1960’s and the loungey, airy atmosphere of the EP sets the scene for a record full of smooth-jazz vibes with a soaring affection for the deeper side of things.

Anthony Colnard (Saxophone)

Donald Devienne (Trumpet)

Maxime Vioulac (Piano)

Artwork by Gavconl 

EXPECTED October 2021