Space Dimension Controller - Reseq EP

Space Dimension Controller - Reseq EP


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12" EP

Six years have passed since the events of Welcome to Mikrosector-50 and Mr. 8040’s subsequent meltdown that saw him almost destroy himself across the width of the entire galaxy.

Although everything is better now that Mr. 8040 has overcome his taste for space dust and vecta grog from Quadrant PVLN - It has not been so simple and he has been quietly returning to full capacity over the course of the last year.

Once again in our time, Mr. 8040 finds himself secluded in his electropod - cut off from the rest of the planet.

Floating somewhere above Madagascar, Mr. 8040’s experiments in galactic funk have taken many forms in his attempt to rediscover the groove that made him love this planet so much in the first place.

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