Space Trac Three - Space Trac Three

Space Trac Three - Space Trac Three

Space Trac


12" EP

SPACE TRAC (sublabel of Bunker Records Den Haag): Where Futurism meets Atavism! The third release presents material from Louis Marlon van den Brink and Radboud Mens (Staalplaat). Heavy industrial soundscapes made with a no-input mixer. 'Just purely 'auto-generated', though never 'ex nihilo', by allowing Providence Herself to reveil the 'Vera Ikon', i.e. 'True Image', the 'Shape', raw form of 'things','de rerum naturae', 'Idea', during the 'random' man made manipulation, thus 'manumission' of the no-input-mixer's own electronic circuit feedback, deep, hard, dark cosmic, intense, and it really does not 'matter' whether this regards Nature's pulsar star destruction or Her deepest heart beat creation inside Her womb, Matrix, of the 'Teknon', i.e. 'Child, the very Miracle of Creation itself' for the ancient Greeks, n?t 'techno', or God knows, perchance this may just as well be His Real and most atavistic, primordial Tekno still-going on ever since the very Dawn of the Universe?

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