Prozak - Time Is Now White Vol.2

Prozak - Time Is Now White Vol.2

Time Is Now




Edition of 300 white label vinyl:

Next up for Time Is Now's white label series is Prozak - a Dublin-based producer who has garnered a growing following over the past year. Prozak, aka Zac Curtis, follows up an EP of remixes for Kiwi Rekords with Make Me Feel. The EP is 100% club gear dabbling in classic rave sounds and jungle before masterfully returning to his garage roots.

The title track ‘Make Me Feel’ is equal parts euphoric rave vocalisations and growling bassy ruffage, with stuttering stop-and-start breaks thrown in for good measure that tear through the track - an instant classic that knocks you breathless. ‘Missing You’ builds from a gentle ebb into wobbling bass-heavy garage, Curtis chopping and changing the vocal samples into unrecognisable snatches with expert production. He then dishes up a glitching speed garage tool with ‘Negative’, still seasoned with a ravey edge that makes the record as a whole feel festival ready. On the B-side, ‘Sunshine’ is sweet buoyant UKG constructed from neatly cut up vocals that clamour against each other and a skipping irresistible rhythm. Equally upbeat, ‘Falling’ stands out as the most playful track, with mass appeal and large drops that shakes off some of the dark bassiness of the A-side. The record closes with ‘Leave You’, contrasting frenetic junglist breaks with blissed out vocals. It’s a dynamic offering from the up-and-comer that shows signs of great things to come.