Various Artists - 5 Years of BURELOM Music EP

Various Artists - 5 Years of BURELOM Music EP




BURELOM Music is the oldest among the jungle/drum & bass vinyl labels currently active in Russia. It mostly dedicated to presenting the Russian scene to the whole world. This V/A 4-tracker (and a sampler which was released last year) compiled especially for the 5th anniversary of label.

A1. "This Song" is a epic remix on Mirror Network project made by Dissident after label owner's request, because the atmosphere of the track could be revealed again in neuro-jungle form.
A2. "Process" dedicated to all the real vinyl DJs and intelligent jungle sound of the late 90s. "Vinyl DJ is not a profession for a long time, but a process of comprehending music, interesting, first of all to him himself" - our friend declares at the beginning of the track and this thought was artificially reflected by Limit aka Asymmetric.
B1. "Chic (Rave Mix)" by Wacky Gee is an electrified, minimalistic track that injects a bit of nostalgia and vigor into the ears of any old raver. In a miraculous way, He combined in himself references to 8-bit music for gaming consoles, early jungle-techno sound, a mixture of jungle and breakbeat. The track is not for everyone, but a medicine against old age for those for whom it is vital.
B2. Ant To Be is a bright star on the breakbeat scene, not stopping to experiment with neighboring genres. His unhurried, nocturnal, light, like a breeze jungle track called "Done At Midnight" stands out positively against the amen break madness background that has covered us lately. "Done At Midnight" perfectly complemented and closed this vinyl compilation. The release of the most diverse in atmosphere and complexity, so each of you will find here your favorite track.

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