Warzou - J'irais dormir chez Mouss

Mystery Booms



After several apparitions of the modern electronic scene, Warzou strikes again, here on the Lyon based Mystery Booms Records for a détour dub called "J'irai dormir chez Mouss"! Tripping to a digi-dub exercice with two silent and ritual songs, from aerian flutes to pop arrangements composed with cheap instruments, including an MPC 2000, keyboard Casio VZ-1, Digital Delay and Mother Reverb. Tribute to the old way with this futil contemporary feeling! Expected red eyes' soundboys tunes to play them loud on your system! Red eyes sound boys from Lyon strike again with this second record from Warzou. After several apparitions on the modern electronic scene, the local producer plays a digi-dub exercice for a detour dub called "J'irai dormir chez Mouss ». Tripping on two quiet and ritual songs, composed with MPC 2000, keyboard Casio VZ-1, digital delay and spring reverb, as the tradition! To play loud on your system!

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