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12" EP

Everyone’s favourite bangin’ Brisbane duo X CLUB. ready up four typically in your face cuts of driving, textured techno on 1Ø PILLS MATE that have us dreaming of giant warehouses and sweaty hugs. Channeling big rave energy from grime, electro and breaks - and ultimately using this influence to texture their heavy sound - the pair take inspiration from the 90’s rave movement and contemporary experimental artists.

‘Turning A Blind Eye To This Nonsense’ delivers on the escapism it promises, staying true to the driven aesthetic that the duo have become known for; sirens blaring, deep atmospherics and uncompromising rave. Fellow Australian Mutant Joe is enlisted on ‘Silo’ - an acid dipped techno-electro workout spawned from the depths of hell.

The record's biggest moments arrive on ‘Beta Rays’, where both the artist's interest in sound design and sonic engineering across their respective solo projects really shines across 8 minutes of cinematic rave. Managing to capture the nostalgic rave feeling that Bicep’s ‘Glue’ channelled to roaring success, X CLUB. serve up an emotionally-driven journey that is destined to dominate sound systems around the globe.

Their UK influence is felt most heavily on ‘300mpbs’ (1⁄2 of the duo, Benedict Clarke, is actually from Bristol); a gnarly cut of snarling drum & bass influenced breaks that is sure to incite a gun-finger trigger rush in the club.