Akatana & Ombossa - Myocarde LP Ltd Edition

Akatana & Ombossa - Myocarde LP Ltd Edition



12" EP

The product of an old friendship between Akatana and Ombossa, this is an album that has been written after the two artists lost touch for nearly 20 years.“We met at 3 years old and were the closest friends until early teenage, we then lost touch completely until recently when I moved out of Montreal to Berlin, where Akatana lives. We now are flatmates and friends again after this long hiatus. It happens that we both followed a path to producing electronic music, even tho playing music was not a thing at all for us at that time. Each of our separate lives somehow brought to this common ground. This happy hazard inspires us.”The album is written at 84bpm because we were both born in 1984 and the tracks are named after the lexis of the heart. Myocarde is the muscle of the heart, in french. Deep bass and surreal atmospheres.With love,Akatana & Ombossa.


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