Bardo:Basho  - Alinea

Bardo:Basho - Alinea

Budget Cuts: Records & Tapes


12" LP


Budget Cuts is excited to share Portland, OR based experimental composer Bardo:Basho’s second full-length album Alinea. Alinea is meant to evoke the idea of a non-linear history. “a” meaning not/without and “Linea” a feminine embodiment of linearity. The concept is derived from a personal history and identity which feel fragmented and this motif is reflected throughout the album. Alinea incorporates eclectic compositional and timbral styles held together by ethereal vocal performances. Expansive, intimate, and hypnotic, Alinea is a meditation on vulnerability. Kirsten Thom started performing as Bardo:Basho while studying music at the University of Puget Sound. Bardo:Basho’s work fuses classical structure with experimental signal processing to create boundless otherworldly soundscapes that range from drone to techno. Bardo:Basho has shared the stage with visionaries like Jlin, Laurel Halo, Actress, and Yu Su while performing at festivals like Decibel and Upstream or at Kremwerk’s influential Research club night.