Blank Gloss - January

Blank Gloss - January

Night Young


12" LP  

Blank Gloss are happy to present their debut album, January; a sumptuous blend of lush ambience, hazy minimalism, sunset balearic, and light-as-a-feather new age. Built around a core of piano, guitar, and synthesized tones, Blank Gloss have constructed an album which easily holds your attention, but never demands it. It's suited to deep listening as well as background soundtracking. 

January, released on Miami's Night Young, marks the first collaboration between Pat Hills and Morgan Fox as Blank Gloss. The album was recorded with little planning over a two day period in Pat's Earth Tone studio in Sacramento, California. The results are a slow moving river of lavish synths, achingly beautiful guitar, expressive piano, delicate rhythms, angelic pedal steel, and rumbling bass. It envelops the listener. It invites introspection. It's a warmly lit room where all are welcome. The shadows move on their own. Nothing is quite what it seems, but everything is right just as it is.