Broshuda - Face2 / Voices

Broshuda - Face2 / Voices

RDK Island



Following on from last year´s set of hallucinatory vignettes for Milan´s Haunter Records on "Jemi" and the dissection of the possible tearjerking sensibilities of self-help twitter bots on 'You'll Always Stay Beautiful' for Bristol´s NoCorner, Broshuda glides on to casually deliver this glistening and equally heartfelt 7 Inch for Cologne based Imprint RDK Island. 

On the A side, a reflection in the half light resonance of evening/dawn envelops the fractal heavily melodic core of 'Face2'. Floating in some ebulliently chilled out existence not that far, but still quite on its own trajectory, from some of Mouse On Mars most absorbing moments. An hypnagogic cityscape, brimming with lives, real and imagined.

On the flipside 'Voices' hypnotic melody-as-dream gives way to a smoldering state of aural unease, borderline anxiety creeping in, an "orchestra" of filtered, fading voices & realities. Gliding as a state unto itself, neither here nor there. This reality's what you make of it.

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