CASS. - Postclub Prism LP

CASS. - Postclub Prism LP

Into The Light



Into the Light Records is launching a parallel and limited series with contemporary material from both Greek and international artists. First stop is the album 'Postclub Prism' by the German producer Cass. offering ten gorgeous ambient pieces about light and romance. 

Since 2012, Niklas Rehme-Schlüter aka Cass. has released albums of varying styles, from the rather organic and loop based ambient pieces on 'Loops & Farewell Sketches’ and the 'Red Atlantic' EP on Throne of Blood in 2017, influenced by 80’s pop sonics, to the more balearic and percussive recordings on 'The Sound of Glades' together with Wolf Müller in 2016. On his new record 'Postclub Prism’ Cass. explores his affinity to calm and atmospheric ambient music at the threshold to the reverberant sound of club music.

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