Dave Saved / NPLGNN- All You Can Hold In The Falling

Dave Saved / NPLGNN- All You Can Hold In The Falling



12" EP

After a couple of impressive rounds on their own Forever Now imprint, Dave Saved and NPLGNN accomplish another collaborative effort and land this time on Hypermedium with a new spectacular split 12”. All You Can Hold In The Falling finds both artists refining their research in temporal disturbances through an archaeology of comedown. Their sound, uncovering traces of dreams, memories and expectations, is crafted through the use of echoplexed samples, chopped’n’screwed lines and distorted particles, serving as a perfect chronicle for the inexorability of an endless bummer.

Through a mutant language Dave Saved tries to reconstruct the simulacrum of evasion in a hyper-realistic way, showing the emptiness that lies behind it. Empty Blooms Still Witherings to reconnect all the fragments that dissolve in the disillusionment of the “awakening”: confused reminiscences, waking up with strangers in unknown places, tinnitus, moments lost forever, vague relationships, the emotional black hole that suddenly overruns your body, the false promises and the illusion that those moments could be eternal.

NPLGNN’s Empathic New Utopia starts with a call to action, an urge to stay together in order face the chaos: “While living between the alternation of long periods of euphoria and sadness, humanity has always been fantasizing about new futuristic worlds - till one day the future turned itself into the present. The dystopia in which we are living has canceled the utopian dream by crushing people into the present. The frustration has reduced the ability to feel compassion, to act empathically”.With his track, NPLGNN wants to open a glimpse towards the ethereal emotional world using deformed samples, stretched sounds and disorienting reverb to transport the listeners through a new utopian fantazia.

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