Frog of Earth - Frog of Earth

Frog of Earth - Frog of Earth



12" LP

The humble Frog of Earth ponders nothing as it watches its world unfold. Surprised with a sprinkling rain the Frog quickly becomes overwhelmed and we hear the bubbling of its brain. As the shower passes, the Frog settles into a stupefied calmness and we can hear the swirling water rushing by, and the clarity of the air. As panicking birds swoop and flutter around, the Frog is overcome by a fascination and an acceptance of its world. However, as a screeching train approaches and roars by, the Frog is taken from its acceptance and inverted into a world of denial and confusion where faint questions of how and why have seemingly no answer. But as the sun beams out from behind the clouds, the quiet drone of a bee goes by and the Frog, seeing its own glistening reflection, deftly lets go of its questions, and the need of any answers.