Trq-30 & AnD/DIMI (Inc. WAST Remix) - 001 (PRE-ORDER)

Trq-30 & AnD/DIMI (Inc. WAST Remix) - 001 (PRE-ORDER)



12" EP


After various digital releases featuring special affiliates and artists out of the closest circle alike, [selected] is taking the next step as a record label. The acclaimed Berlin collective is releasing its very first vinyl. There couldn’t be a more appropriate fit for this milestone than the crew’s very own duo Trq-30. The record consists of two original tracks and a remix treatment each, provided by two proven head-spinners.
The A-side starts the ride with „004”. A soothing yet exciting pad leads into raw percussion which suddenly gets accompanied by a wandering acid line. While never losing its grip, this track is waiting for the big and powerful sound systems of this world to fully release its potential.


„005” breaks the orthodox four to the flour kickdrum pattern before minimalistic rave drums are leading the composition to the promised land. To top things off a deep and atmospheric bassline takes over the mood and morphs with a trippy synth lead that sends the ravers on a journey to elation and ecstasy.

Dimi, part of the infamous duo AnD, leads the record’s A-side with his remix of „004”. The no prisoners mentality that has defined the couple’s sound for years is still present as the threatening main synth makes its way trough the stripped down arrangement. Accentuated at just the right moments this track makes sure to leave no one stranded and everyone in awe.

EXPECTED June 2021