DJ Crisps - Music Is My Life

DJ Crisps - Music Is My Life

Breaks 'N' Pieces

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12" EP

Rotterdam based producer DJ Crisps follows up releases on Riz La Teef’s ‘South London Pressing’ and Bristol UKG label Time Is Now with three original dubs that blur the lines between garage, hardcore and breakbeat.

Crisps has a knack for breaks (see Freedom with Ell Murphy). Luvin You walks the tightrope of rough and smooth; it’s chipmunk vocals, ethereal atmospherics and nostalgic samples creating a plethora of heads down and hug-in-the-rave moments.

It’s A Dark Day is a tale of anxiety. Beginning with soft, uplifting chords it begins optimistically before bassy swells of darkness surface amongst spooked-out vocals and huge wubs. Music Is My Life sees Crisps return to garage territory with a soulful stepper that evolves into a dutty, no phones allowed affair.

Rounding off the record is a remix of Music Is My Life from standout producer Mani Festo following a wicked release on Sneaker Social Club. He delivers a typically transportative, perception-altering cut of emotionally-stirring breaks that showcases the artist's infatuation with the tension between futurism and tradition.