Easy Touch x DJ I.D (Inc. DJ Sports remix) - Companion EP

3 Feet Deep

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12" EP

3FD004 brings together two friends from Denmark for a split EP built around UK bass sounds with strong dubstep and UK garage influences. Easy Touch (JONGPADAWAN’s fresh new ID) starts off the A-side with “Aerosol”—the voodoo-ish windswept voicy lead and the italo-birds are singing along with the sleek 2-step beat and the slow resonating sub. A2 “Vertikal'' speeds up the intensity: the punchy drums combined with the powerful steady bassline are hitting us right where they should while the vocal sample and the stabs are spreading an euphoric groove. On the flip side, DJ I.D transports us into his dark universe. With a rolling beat, a crispy snare, and roaring bassline stabs, the B1 “Just Let It Happen” inhales and exhales a mysterious energy. To close the EP, the Danish artist is remixing himself, combining the heavy drive of DJ I.D with the hearty touch of DJ Sports.