Bass Junkie - Sub Sonic Survivor

Bass Agenda Recordings



British Electro veteran Bass Junkie returns for his second vinyl outing on Bass Agenda Recordings, this time with a full-length album. As his last release, "Low Frequency Fugitive" indicated, he has been working hard on developing his trademark sound and taking things forward; no mean feat for someone who has been ahead of his time since he began releasing Electro in the mid-nineties. He has succeeded though and everything he is loved and respected for is here, plus some advanced structures and elements - Bass Junkie evolved - a true Sub Sonic Survivor. The harder edge is here in tracks such as "Blast Them to Infinity!" and the insanely hard kick of "Star Destroyer". His funkier side shines through too, in tracks like the shimmering space funk of "Rum and Raspberries". For fans of his exceptional vocal work there are treats in store too, particularly in the aggressive attack on the modern state of things that is "Reset".