Slo Moshun - Bells Of N.Y


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House anthem Slo Moshun “Bells Of NY” is one of the most iconic gems in the Network catalogue and gets a timely reissue.

The lovingly remastered 12” includes the epic nearly 9 minutes long “House To House Mix” which started the fuss in the first place, plus the much loved by DJs “Xen Mantra Beefy Bells Mix” which like fine wine seems to have matured with age.

It’s almost impossible to explain the hype that exploded when the first copies of this landed in 1993. Network pressed a limited run of the first copies on the Dansa label with
bogus New York producer credits in an attempt to create mystique.

The combination of that relentless uptempo house piano and the break where everythIng slows down underneath a hip hop sample hypnotic proved irresistible, and saturation radio plays from KISS in London turned the track into an instant anthem right away.

The the boss of a rival label boasted they had sourced the track and paid “a fortune” to licence it for UK release. He was making it up as a stampede by labels to locate and release the track began.

Network sensed an opportunity to create major mischief and create even more of a buzz. New York garage producer and Network ally Andrew Komis was enlisted and happily donned the bogus ID of a new kid on the block NYC producer to do phone interviews with UK dance music publications.

His pretend story that Bells Of NY was his homage to the UK House scene laced with Big Apple Hip-Hop was eagerly printed by the magazines.

They were left red faced when the truth emerged that former Nexus 21 and Altern 8 member Mark Archer and his new music making partner Danny Taurus had in fact come up with the gem in homely Staffordshire and not glamorous New York for Network.

All the PR spin in the World would not matter a not if the record didn’t live up to the hype.

Bells Of N.Y did and still does.
It gave Network a first chart hit on their six6 label and more importantly is an all time House Music Classic.

Hyped In New York
Made in Staffordshire
Loved everywhere.